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derrick tymus has bought 1 pics prada shoes at 07/15/2013
johanna palumbo has bought 1 pics Hermes Lindy 30CM Havanne Handbags 1057 Orange Leather Golden Hardware at 08/21/2012
CHRISTOPHER PEREZ has bought 1 pics 2013 Prada Saffiano Bow Small Shoulder Bag 1N1674 in Cherry pink at 08/19/2012
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Hermes kelly 35CM Yellow togo leather(Gold)

Of course the product is of the highest quality but the store itself is beautifully put together. The displays are always thoughtful and chic.. The staff there is amazingly attentive.  I went in to just browse... reviewer by Charles Lehardy,on 1

2013 winter Prada men shoes

2.5/5. Service here is hit or miss but mostly miss. This store is packed so they're very discriminating in who they serve. Come dressed down and you'll walk around for ten minutes without anyone so much as saying hello to you. Dress "nicely" and someone might approach you and ask if you have any questions. Come in with a Birkin six orange Hermès shopping bags and your suit-and-tie IBanker husband and three associates will swoon upon you with drinks as I saw on one of my visits.This being the largest store in the Bay Area they carry items you wouldn't find at smaller LV boutiques such as jewelry and ready to wear clothing. However the store itself is nowhere as impressive as the 5th Avenue or Rodeo Drive "flagships" and feels much more crowded. [read more ]

Celine Luggage Medium Bag Elephant Leather 98167 in Brown

There are soooooo many of the damn brown purses brown wallets brown LV this and LV everything that the company should purchase the tag line "Brown" from UPS. Or maybe UPS should overlay their lettering in gold to become -maybe not the best- but certainly the most fashionable package delivery-transport service in the country or world. 3 duckets for making Coach look like the ultimate knockoff. [read more ]

Hermes Birkin 35CM clemence leather in Dark Grey with Gold hardware

They need to fire everyone. Seriously.I walked in one day to buy myself a wallet and when I walked in I was not greeted by anyone. They just looked at me and continued having their conversations with their co-workers. Umm your working. STFU and do your job even if it means for you to stand still and shut up.When I saw a wallet that I wanted I had to say excuse me at least 4 times before getting one of the worker's attention. I asked if they had the wallet in Damier Graphite and she directed another worker to help me. When she handed me the wallet I compared the size with my credit card and told her I'd take it. She said "That must have been the fastest sales I've ever"I thought she was kissing my ass at that point because I'm pretty sure others have bought something here as fast as I did. She then started implicitly implying things towards me. I mean in the beginning I thought she was just joking around with me to break the ice but she went too far. I mean I have never had a sales associate insult me so many times.When I bought the wallet the workers just stared at me and didn't even say "Thank you" or anything. RUDE AS F#@$. Didn't your mother teach you that it is rude to stare?Maybe its because I'm still a teen so they are like this BUT so many people my age buy stuff from Louis Vuitton so I don't know why they are acting they way they are especially when I did buy something. It's sad that this is one of the largest Louis Vuitton boutiques (reason why I did not give this place a lower score)and is filled with a bunch of rude snobby people. [read more ]

Hermes Mini so kelly bag in Peach with Silver hardware

Admittedly I wrote this store off my list prior to the remodel. At that time I went in to get my wallet repaired and was chastised by a sales associate who looked like she wasn't even old enough to drive. In broken English she said "We can't fix this. You must have had this for a very long time!" She didn't even attempt to show it to another associate or manager. So I stomped across the street to the LV boutique in Neiman Marcus and they repaired it for me no problem. Curiosity got the best of me after the store remodel. I had the great fortune to run into a fantastic sales associate named Hazel as I walked in the door. I admitted to her that I hadn't been to the store in a long time due to my previous bad experience. She apologized profusely for the previous sales associate's behavior (someone she didn't even know) and promised to make every subsequent visit to the store a better experience for me. She has made good on that promise. I am treated with the utmost respect when I go in to see her. Not only that she is a genuinely nice person and does not give me any attitude when I walk into the store and leave without buying anything (which is more often than not).For those who have had less than stellar experiences I would suggest either asking for Hazel or striking up a relationship with another associate. It will make you want to go into the store and keep going. [read more ]

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